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Carmelo Cambria

what is


Film production house

founded in 2013 byFederico Maio, Carmelo Cambria.

ventitreesimastrada is the production

for all cinematographic works:  

he makes films, short films, web-series and television programs.

The social networks are always updated and contain a large number

of contents such as: logbooks, backstage and informative vlogs.

The whole history of ventitreesimastrada film is documented

and willing to entertain the public.

Since 2013, ventitreesimastrada film has already produced various formats and films.


Furthermore, since 2011 the members have worked on hundreds of musical productions for the creation of video clips of various artists and record labels of small and large caliber and majors.

This meant that ventitreesimastrada could also open its doors on the recording scene, to treat the artists at 360 °.

The main objectives of production


are the enhancement of our Sicily and of Sicilian artists,  

and the concrete and real demonstration that everything is possible.

ventitreesimastrada film doesn't just entertain people

but it wants to be a tangible example for all young talents and a great company that brings well-being

throughout the Sicily and the whole planet.

Visit the sections Cinema And Music or discover our services.

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Federico Maio
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