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Investing in cinema today could be a really convenient formula for making economic resources earmarked for normal taxation, in actual Advertising.

To date there are various ways to investing in cinema: Product Placement, Tax Credit, Sponsoring, etc...

The TAX CREDITit is regulated by the Ministry of Culture, Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual.

This is a partial conversion of taxation into investment in the cinematographic field.
With variable deductible percentage, depending on the type of TAX CREDIT and the target sector.

All the regulations on Tax Credit can be consultedCLICKING HERE

Product Placement, is nothing more than the insertion of a brand, product, place, company, etc... within the cinematic sequences.

Through the investment of a sum, or the free supply of a service or goods, the company will have a contextualized space within the Film, in proportion to the value of the investment.

The proportion will be managed between time within the sequence, beats, size of the object within the sequence, etc...

Everything will be agreed in the organizational phase.
This solution is also partially tax deductible.

Sponsoring,it is the classic form of audiovisual sponsorship. In which the company requesting sponsorship, invests a sum, or offers goods or services, in exchange for mentions, inclusion in the credits or in pre-established advertising spaces. 

This solution is also partially tax deductible.

There are also other ways to support cinema. Talk to your accountant orcontact us!

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