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After years of work, we finally have the opportunity to pass on our experience.

Our intent is to train professionals in the cinematographic and artistic fields, who can make their own way in this fantastic world, creating wonderful works even from themselves.

Our main objective, however, is to provide training

and job outlet for Sicilian artists and technicians.

So as to educate the Sicilian territory to cinematographic culture,

television, photography, journalism and music.

Courses, workshops, laboratories are at your disposal to learn and give you knowledge and expertise.

Whether you want to do it for work or for passion.

Sedie vuote in Aula



You will be joined by artists,

academically prepared and with professional experience in the field.

Years of experience, sets and organizations have given us the opportunity to identify some important steps not to be overlooked and to be able to explain all the steps, down to the smallest detail.

We also work with external experts to complete our package cbears.

Training is a fundamental factor for the individual, especially if you want to embark on new paths.

Squadra di produzione



All courses are divided into levels:

Apprentice, Intermediate, Advanced.

At each level, one enters more and more into this world and undertakes the path, in an increasingly professional way.By learning more complex skills and concepts and training in an increasingly refined way.

The characteristic of our courses is that you can find yourself, even immediately, in a real set,

also practicing in the field.

In fact, all courses are theoretical-practical,

without pre-established times and places for theory and practice.

You may find yourself doing theory and practice,

even directly on the set.

There will also be the possibility

to undertake intensive workshops.

With internal or external professionals at ventitreesimastrada.

The workshopshops are organized throughout the year, are always different, and are open to everyone.

With a price established from time to time, based on the experience to be had.

Chiamata a tendina

The team

Carmelo Cambria

Carmelo Cambria

  • Carmelo

Acting and Entrepreneurship Teacher.

Rosario Popolo

Rosario Popolo

  • Saro

Theater and Film Acting Teacher.


Federico Maio

  • MARF

Teacher of Cinematography, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.



All courses include a path consisting of 4 hours per week, mainly divided into 2 weekly meetings.

For a maximum duration of 10 months at the level, to obtain the diploma.

Registration of €101, insurance included + VAT, and a monthly cost of €50 + VAT.

The advanced course has the same enrollment cost as the others, but the monthly fee is €70 + VAT.

Participation in a subsequent level is not mandatory, but it is recommended for a complete training.

The calendar of lessons will be drawn up on a weekly basis, it will be possible to make up for missed lessons.

Find out everything you can learn with us!

enter your world

Workshop una tantum prenotabili:

  • workshop 8 ore

    workshop di 8 ore, diviso in due sessioni da 4 ore, prezzo iva inclusa
    Valid for 3 months
    • Workshop di Filmmaking o di Fotografia

Luci della macchina fotografica

Film photography

Graphic Designer Desk



Curtain / Acting

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