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If you bring us lyrics, we'll create the music, if you bring us the music, we'll write you the lyrics.

If you don't bring us anything, but you need a song, we'll do it!

You just tell us what you need.

Whether it's a real song, a soundtrack or a jingle, we can do it all!

We just need your starting point.

This is where the foundations are laid for vibes and we want them to always be good vibes.

Once finished, we will register everything on the copyright portals!

FILL OUT the FORM to tell us what you need, and to receive your quote! 

A few chats, a blank sheet and off we go. Contact us.

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Ok, are you ready to carve your big hit?

This time it's serious!
We have been in the field of discography for over 10 years.

We'll guide you step by step through every production aspect, from arranging, mixing and mastering your track!

The production includes not only the music, but also the video, the image, the social networks and the press!

We will start from what you are inside and build great things!

Experience in this area is essential and not everyone has an interest in taking you to the top.
Many just want to steal the fruit of your labor.

We know how to move well and we have direct connections with serious and certified platforms at every step.

We follow you from SIAE or Soundreef registration to Record publication and distribution.

And hopefully we'll warm up for the tour!

FILL OUT the FORM to tell us what you need, and to receive your quote! 

Are you ready to let your music be heard? Contact us and tell us what you need!

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Set di musica


Have you prepared the ladder?

Because now it's your turn! How long have you been waiting for this moment?

Now that your songs are ready, we can take them to all digital stores and streaming services (over 150).

We have access to hundreds of Playlist and Portal curators across platforms to promote your releases.

Then if you want we can also print CDs and vinyls... and t-shirts... and gadgets of all kinds!

And you'll want to try hard enough because the tour is upon us.


In short, now that your music is on the launch pad, we just need to point it in the right direction.

FILL OUT the FORM to tell us what you need, and to receive your quote! 

Give us your material and we'll talk about it!Contact us!

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Concerto live

VIBES is a streaming concert platform, provided by the artists or produced directly by the production company VENTITREESIMASTRADA SRL

You can then consult the catalog and the cover to discover new concerts by many artists every month.

Artists, on the other hand, can request to include their concert in the catalog or they can request production from our company and subsequent inclusion in the catalogue.



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