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audio, video, photography, graphics, marketing, web and social networks

As film and music production and distribution, 

we have broad expertise in audio, video, photography, graphics, business and marketing. 
This expertise, in addition to being available to professionals in the music and film industry,

it is also made available to anyone who needs it.

This means that all our expertise is at your service.
Whether you need it for a private project or for your company, whether it's a small or large project; 

you can now count on our professionalism.

We take care of every detail, from the logo to large exports such as films or musical productions;
from the website to social pages, from events and ceremonies to promotional videos.

We could give you the whole list of our services here,

or you can more easily consult the sectionPREVENTIVE,

to see each of our services specifically, and perhaps request it for you.

Now there is the possibility to book your service and pay for it directly online.
The services on reservation are exclusively BASIC.

For higher requests, a telephone or email agreement is required.
The catalog of services on reservation is currently being updated.

Scroll down the page to find out more.

Don't forget to visit theGALLERY, and a portfolio section for photography and graphics will be available soon.

Also in the sectionACADEMY,

you can discover our courses,

where we can teach you what we know,

and issue you with a valid certificate.


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