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Ventitreesimastrada Music is a fundamental branch of our company.

Music promotion is an important part, but not the most important.

The most important thing is always the Music.

For which we have developed our own promotional, non-impositional path.

We don't impose the music of our label, we offer it through various channels, various playlists and various free or paid tools.
On this page we will tell you how to promote your music and what you can do to promote it.

Proposing music to playlist curators is a particularly important form of music promotion.

Today we have the possibility of being able to send music directly to them.

Above all to be able to choose the genre closest to your song.

Curators have the ability to accept or decline the proposal, but that depends on the strength of your music.

Submit a request and request your proposal package from the playlist curators.

Ascoltare la musica

We also offer radio and television packages, evaluating your song.

On the basis of the typology, genre and specific characteristics of the piece and the artist, the right way is found.

Each package has its possibilities and its radio and/or television broadcasts.

Telecamere multiple su supporti

The press release is the basis of music promotion.

We can create a real press release and propose it to many journalistic realities.

Journalistic promotion is the basis of a marketing strategy.

But always sectorised in the correct way so as not to waste the power of the message and consequently, the most important thing, the music!

Simple articles or full interviews can be organized and published.
Everything to be able to take your music to the top.

Let's not forget the classic advertising, which is one of the most effective things.

Social and street marketing!

Sponsor social media, posters, posters, 6 x 3, flyers!

The cities will be filled with your music.

You ask, we organize everything.


VIBES is a streaming concert platform, provided by the artists or produced directly by the production company VENTITREESIMASTRADA SRL

You can then consult the catalog and the cover to discover new concerts by many artists every month.

Artists, on the other hand, can request to include their concert in the catalog or they can request production from our company and subsequent inclusion in the catalogue.

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