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Every story begins with an idea, and every idea can become a story.

We know this well.
Cinematographic language has precise connotations, so sometimes not everyone is able to write a screenplay.
We can transform your idea and your story into cinematic language.

May it be the first step of a successful production.

To do this, after a careful analysis of the proposed subject,

by skimming the important things and the various connections, we build a script from scratch.

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The production of a film 

requires all possible expertise.
We have over 10 years of experience in the modern audio-visual field.

We constantly update ourselves with modern acquisition and production systems.

And we invent anything for a perfect result.

Our equipment park is equipped with modern

cinematographic, television and record systems for digital processing.

Here your ideas can finally come to life. 

What do you need to make your production?

We have departments of direction, camera and photography, set design, make-up and hairdressing, post-production and special effects, casting,

music and soundtracks, dubbing and advertising.

Furthermore, we deal with the translation and subtitling of films in different languages.

We can acquire live streaming formats

(also with overhead camera), or on demand.

In our studio there are rooms for chroma key and a large room for creating sets from scratch.

What do you need?

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The new sections of: CINEMATOGRAPHIC VEHICLES Rental, GUIDE Scout Location, Armory Cinematography and Scenography Theater and Cinema.

In the Film Vehicle Rental Section, you will find a range of vehicles from the late 1800s to the present day. Including vehicles from WW1 and WW2.
The catalog is always updated.

In the scenography section you can look at our completed and ongoing works.

In the armory and costumes sections, you will be able to consult the catalog of rental items and costumes.

In the Scout Location Guide, you will find a list of many locations, full of photographs, on a Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Subscription.

Continuously updated and once subscribed, it can be consulted at any time.

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After the hard work to create your product, now it has to be distributed, otherwise what's the point?

This is a sore point for many small productions.
Once they manage to produce, they don't know how and where to distribute.

We have connections with various theaters and film and television circuits, in Italy and abroad; 

and we can also count on a distribution in squares and schools.

We also collaborate with various festivals and are connected with various portals,

who constantly update us on the dates of the prizes and on the registration methods.

And let's not forget about streaming! We can bring your film to various portals, including Amazon Prime Video!

Thanks to this you will no longer have to worry about your project being closed in a hard disk,

but you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

We also carry out the creation of DCP Files for cinema distribution.

Let's start?

FILL OUT the FORMto tell us what you need,

and to receive your quote! 
Ask all the questions you want!Contact us!

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If you want to learn instead

to work in the world of cinema

visit our ACADEMY

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