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The story is set in Sicily in the 1950s, where a young girl named Carmela, our protagonist, works in her mother's tailor shop. Despite herself, Carmela will find the body of a magistrate murdered by the mafia, and this will catapult her into the center of a series of events that will lead her to meet Fausto, a Corriere della Sera journalist who arrived from Rome to investigate the murder.

The young man will bring a breath of freedom in the mental and cultural closure of the small village, which will strike the protagonist, who will find the courage to rebel against the master father and seek her way following her true passion.

MALAMURI - Trailer - Ventitreesimastrada Film
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Malamuri's story begins at the end of 2015.

The idea came during a car trip, and from there in the following days and months the script was written by Federico Maio and revised together with Carmelo Cambria.

In March the doors were opened to the casting and the preparation of the production, in June the shooting begins.

In the tour of about 35 days, the film is recorded; will be presented at its premiere, at the Liga cinema in Milazzo, with over 1200 presale tickets sold.


The film was positively received by audiences and critics, starting its journey in independent distribution.

It is screened throughout 2016 and 2017 in theaters and squares, until it ends up in the UCI CINEMAS Sicilia rooms, for a special event.

Subsequently, in the respective years 2018 and 2019, the film flies to Canada.
Special Guest for the Italian Week in Montreal,

and officially selected by the ICFF and the Messina Association in Canada.

From 2020 the film is streaming on the site,

in the streaming section,

runs on various national and international TVs,

and is being distributed on AMAZON PRIME VIDEO UK, USA and Germany and Austria.


Direction Award, Radio Milazzo 2016

Guest Italian Week Montreal 2018

Adolfo Celi Award 2019

Official ICFF Selection 2019