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Rosario Popolo

Physical characteristics

Height: 1.80 cm

Hair: Dark brown

Vocal: Baritone / tenor

Size: 44

Brown eyes

N ° shoes: 44

Skills: Film and theater actor


Italian: Mother tongue

Sicilian: Mother tongue


2016: Malamuri by Federico Maio.

2017 Theater show by Fabio La Rosa with the association "the young people of Pirandello integration for children with disabilities

"so it all began"

2017: with Fabio La Rosa himself "from dark to light"

2018: "Give me of the Lei" By Denis Pergolizzi.

2019: short film "Eleonora Baeli" by Enzo Cicero directed by Carmelo Formica for the Romar Film association of Villa Franca Tirrena.

2019: play written and directed by Denis Pergolizzi from the name  "give me some Lei".

2020: Eleonora Baeli by Enzo Cicero conducted by Carmelo Formica.

2020: The freedom to be crazy by Fabio La Rosa.

2021: Replicates the freedom of Being crazy by Fabio La Rosa with the inclusion of a second act


2014: Argentina 78 from the short story Mar del plata by Claudio Fava directed by Ninni bruschetta.

2014: theater workshop directed by Angelo Campolo and Annibale Pavone "In the land of toys" contemporary reinterpretation, Laudamo in Città project and produced by Vittorio Emanuele and DAF theater of exact fantasy.

2014: one week workshop directed by Pier Luigi Corallo "just the end of the world" by Jean Luke la garce.

2015: one-year training project directed by Angelo Campolo and Annibale Pavone produced by the DAF theater of the exact fantasy and by the Vittorio Emanuele theater divided into 4 stages with 5 different directors .. First stage "instinct" by Angelo Campolo .. " Solitudine "by Annibale Pavone" Inganno "by Paride Acacia .." Love "by Giacomo Ferraú and Giulia Viana.

2015: Pinocchio Marathon which includes the 4 Stages with the 5 directors.

2017: workshop directed by Fabio La Rosa "the voice of the soul.

2018: Social theater school directed by Daniele Gongiaruk, staging "The giants of the mountain and" shakespear horror story hotel "traveling show at the Villa De Pasquale.

2019: social theater school directed by Daniele Gongiaruk bringing to the stage "the good soul of Sezuan" by Bertol Brecht ..

2021: achieved the "Studio Cinema" high school film diploma by Massimiliano Cardia with the final judgment by Pino Pellegrino.

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